Terms & Conditions

Superior Bond Cleaning Conditional Disclaimer

Superior Bond Cleaning offers a 36 hour time frame to enable you or your Real Estate Agent to contact us or our cleaner direct, to advise of any cleaning that you deem not to be acceptable. After the 36 hour period Superior Bond Cleaning will not be held responsible for any further cleaning duties. No refunds will be given for works undertaken; you or the Real Estate Agent will need to contact the cleaner direct to arrange a time to return. The cleaner will only re-clean the area that was listed in the quote.

Superior Bond Cleaning will only guarantee the duties outlined in your quote and will only guarantee your bond back from your Real Estate Agent in relation to the cleaning under taken.

After you or your Real Estate Agent has approved the cleaning duties and accepted the final result Superior Bond Cleaning will not be responsible for any further duties in relation to the clean.

Should your property be furnished it is important to advise us of this prior to making a booking. Some Real Estate Agents and Property Owners require furnished items to be cleaned. This is not a standard service as most properties are not furnished, but we are more than happy to cater to these requirements if you wish. Furnished items can be moved for thorough cleaning, however this does increase the workload for us. We are happy to move items in order to clean, but note this will incur additional labour costs.

Carpet cleaning is not a stain removal service. To successfully remove stains there are specific techniques and chemicals available, these chemicals and techniques are not a part of our standard carpet cleaning service and extra charges do apply. Due to the complexity of stains, and how long they have been in the carpet, complete stain removal cannot be guaranteed. Superior Bond Cleaning is not liable for stains and/or damage to customers carpets. If stains are present that are not noted on tenants entry reports, Real Estate Agents may withhold bond money to repair the carpets. These costs are the responsibility of the tenant.

Quotes are provided to give you a fairly accurate quote via email or phone, saving you time. These quotes are valid for 90% of properties. However, sometimes we encounter properties that are not accurately described over the phone or via email, and we must make an amendment to the quoted price. It is therefore important to inform us if the place needs a little TLC! as we do reserve the right to alter our initial quote. It is better to do this as opposed to us showing up on the day and making amendments.